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Venice Jiu-Jitsu
  • Do you offer a free trial?
    Yes, we offer a free one-day trial to anyone who wants to try us out. To set up your trial, you can call, email, direct message us on social media, or come in and see us in person. Whatever is easier for you. If you'd like to see a class before you decide to try out jiu-jitsu, you can come in to view a class when it's convenient for you. No need to contact us ahead of time — you can just come on in, sit down, and watch.
  • Do you offer private lessons?
    Yes, we do. Whether you would like to try jiu-jitsu in a one-on-one environment, or you want to take your jiu-jitsu to the next level, we have what you're looking for. Reach out to us and we'll get you set up with Jason or Jeremy to book your private lesson.
  • Do you offer kids' classes?
    Yes, we do. Our minimum age for students is 7 years old. For the 7-10 year olds, we encourage you to bring your child in for the free trial, where we evaluate whether they will grasp jiu-jitsu and integrate well with the other students. We need to ensure there are minimal interruptions to our class and that one student isn't occupying the majority of our instructor's time.
  • How much does a membership cost?
    Our memberships are month-to-month with no contracts. We do not charge any registration fees and we do not charge for belt advancement. Kids' memberships are $125 a month for unlimited training. Adults' memberships are $150 a month for unlimited training. Additional family members receive a $25 discount on their monthly membership. When you sign up for the year up front, you get a discount of one month free. We also offer a $25 discount per month for active military, veterans, police, and first responders.
  • What should I bring to my first class?
    Please arrive 5-10 minutes early so you can fill out the necessary paperwork. You should wear athletic clothing that fits well (no buttons or zippers), remove all jewelry, and bring a bottle of water with you. We do have a water cooler so you can refill if needed. Make sure that your feet and body are clean and your nails are trimmed. Anybody with long hair should bring a hair tie to keep their hair up. If you have any injuries or medical conditions please tell us before stepping on the mat.
  • What should I expect in a class?
    We start off with about 20 minutes of stretching, movement, and conditioning exercises. Then we move to learning new techniques and drilling (practicing) them for about another 20 minutes. The last portion of the class consists of situational and/or free sparring, your instructor will choose what best complements the techniques that were taught earlier.
  • I'm on vacation and visiting the area, can I come in and train with you?
    Yes, we'd love to have you come and train with us. We have a $20 per class drop-in fee. Be sure to come in 5-10 minutes early to sign the necessary paperwork.

Venice Jiu-Jitsu's
Frequently Asked Questions

If our frequently asked questions did not address all your concerns or want to find out more about our philosophy and how we train, please feel free to reach out to us directly. Our contact info is listed below, or you can send us an inquiry via the contact form on our main page. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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